Pork Belly Boneless rind on

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To make shallow cuts in the surface of meat, The scoring has several purposes, such as decorating the food, tenderizing, to aid in the absorption of flavor when marinating, and to allow fat to drain from meat while cooking.

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R 99.99 Per Kg

Our Butcher’s take the pork belly bone out leaving the pork belly with just the meat and a little fat that runs between the rine & meat on the top of the pork belly. Pork belly is excellent for roasting and the rine on top makes for excellent crackling!


Scoring Option: score means to cut slits on the surface of a piece of meat. The most common uses of scoring include small uniform cuts in pieces of raw meat and the deeper slashes that decorate the top of the meat, making it easier to crackle the top of the pork belly skin.


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